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MILD is a Montreal-based visual artist and designer specialized in hand-drawn illustrations.
MILD is a trademark as she pays careful attention to details and unique aesthetics while exposing her vision through her own visual language and distinguished style. Quality comes first on different levels, artistic and rational. MILD offers a specially tailored service adapting to each client's needs. From Montreal to Singapore, MILD has been implicated in several collaborations and inspiring projects that push the boundaries of imagination. Authenticity, creativity and innovation would define MILD’s most important values.
Emilie DG, the founder of Mild Design is a Montreal born, self-taught, sort of modern crafter - The zone between a visual artist and a designer. 
She is a die-hard passionate about hand-drawn illustration (usually miniature), patterns making, elegant design, mind-blowing architecture, cosmic sounds and beats and beyond. She’s also a travel enthusiast and a night runner. Emilie is currently trying to levitate and has for plan to become a monk in a near future besides trying very hard to create splendor.
Recently, Emilie has started two new projects; Ruma, a home decor objects and accessories brand and Orbita Futura, a design studio offering laser cutting and engraving services and custom products.
MILD offers diverse and personalized services adapted to each client’s needs: from hand-drawn illustrations to installation art projects to product development using laser cutting technology, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project! 
MILD est une artiste visuelle et designer basée à Montréal, spécialisée en illustrations faites à la main. 
Désirant constamment repousser la limite des médiums et du travail fait à la main, MILD évolue en traversant les frontières et en élargissant ses horizons afin de transformer son processus de création. 
Émilie DG, fondatrice et esprit créatif derrière MILD, est une dessinatrice et designer autodidacte. Étant une véritable passionnée de l’illustration, celle-ci s’applique à exposer méticuleusement sa vision à travers ses diverses séries de dessins, d’installations, de design de l’environnement et de graphisme.
Celle-ci à également initié deux nouveaux projets: Ruma, une marque d'objet et d'accessoires pour la maison ainsi que Orbita Futura, une studio qui se spécialise dans la conception de projets en découpe laser.
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