Art Déco &

Z Installation (2014)

ART DÉCO (/ˌɑrt ˈdɛkoʊ/), [or Deco, is an influential visual art design style that first appeared in France after World War I and began flourishing internationally in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s before its popularity waned after World War II.[1] It is an eclectic style that combines traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials. The style is often characterized by rich color, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentations. During its heyday, Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress.]

That being said, I wanted to create a unique, elegant and sophisticated installation project, influenced by Art Déco. This is the result, documented by Charles-Étienne Pascal shot in a beautiful loft space. Hundreds of hours were necessary to elaborate, illustrate, cut and finally install the pieces. The installation is made of paper and cardboard and is all hand-made (hand-drawn, hand-cut, etc.). The thin paper layers (2D) and some 3D elements are juxtaposed (suspended) one in front of the other, to create a depth effect.
I also decided to make a new signature with my original logo by designing a small installation with some 3D elements (with a luxurious marble texture).